Coronavirus and the very rich. Correlation or karma?

Coronavirus certainly has a nose for money. And possibly a sense of humour too.

Turns out that 26 out of the top 40 countries with proportionally the highest number of coronavirus cases are either tax havens or members of the G12 club of countries whose central banks co-operate to “regulate international finance”. Or both.

Essentially, a chart of the impact of coronavirus is also a cryptic map of the wealthy elites’ system for funnelling our wealth into their pockets and then keeping it there via the services of pirate coves from the Channel Islands to the Caribbean.

Obviously, one reason so many rich countries show up in this list is that they can afford to test more people. And of course, a small pirate cove or and principality only needs to register relatively few positive tests to clock up a high “infections-per-million” rate.

All the same, the red and blue bars in the chart could be telling the story of a virus pouncing on the G12 and then spreading itself easily around the world as panicked rich jetted off to their money hideouts in an effort to escape it – or to at least die clutching their stash.

The next post will look at the same list but in terms of alleged Covid-19 deaths per million population relative to recorded cases per million. Viewing things from that angle moves the countries around most interestingly. And makes you wonder what Iceland knows that Matt Hancock doesn’t.

Featured image by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

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