The WYSIWYG President

What Donald Trump’s supporters find as pleasing as his opponents find shocking is one single fact. What you see is what you get.


Not a polished marionette, like Barrack Obama. Or an unpolished marionette, like George W. Bush.

Many say Mr Trump’s ‘unpresidential’ qualities make him unfit for office. Others consider the fact that he doesn’t fit the mould is the perfect antidote for the totemic sham that the office of POTUS became in the late 20th and early 21st century.

The Deep State and political perma-elite lost their grip on the glove-puppet show in 2016, revealing the true reflection of US political ‘power’ to be the Man Without a Mask.

Did President Eisenhower, who was a WYSIWYG outsider president in completely different sense, imagine that an eventual outcome of the military-industrial complex might be a White House fit only to be fought-over between candidates people know from the telly?

Answers on a postcard. Or better make that a tweet.


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