Fracked actor

I was going to do an entry about Cameron’s deeply disingenuous attempt to paint fracking as a potential economic miracle for the UK today – but Ilargi at the The Automatic Earth said it all while I was still faffing about at the keyboard.

London Is Fracking, And I Live By The River

…there probably is no government that’s as convinced of the blessings of the shale and fracking industry as Prime Minister David Cameron and his lieutenants. Until recently, the Polish government might have given them a run for their money, but in Poland the entire industry essentially died in just the past few months.

People assume all too easily that what is produced today will be also be produced well into the future, maybe because of how conventional oil and gas typically play out, but the 40% depletion rates for the average well at the Bakken play today, put together with the undoubtedly worsening future rates, for ever more, and inevitably ever more marginal, wells, don’t paint a rosy picture. It may all look fine today, but looking at the numbers I don’t see how it can still look good even a few years from now.

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